How do I setup Stadia on my device?

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In order to set up, you need to purchase Stadia from the Google store first. After signing up, you can play Stadia on your computer, a TV with Chromecast Ultra, or a compatible mobile device.

- Step 1. Purchase Stadia from the Google Store
- Step 2. Download the Stadia app from the Play Store or App Store
- Step 3. Use the invite code from your welcome email to sign up for Stadia with your Google Account
- Step 4. Set up Stadia on your Chromecast, PC, or smartphone
- Step 5. Play PUBG from the Stadia Store

Currently, you cannot create a Stadia account with the Stadia app on iOS devices. The ability to create a new Stadia account on the iOS Stadia app will be available very soon.

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